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Solving the world’s greatest challenges

We are a community of learners from every corner of campus, first-year through doctoral, applying our passions to change the world.

What is NC State Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship?

Social innovation and entrepreneurship is the practice of applying problem-solving tools and a creative mindset to bring about a more equitable and just world. We learn skills to become global change leaders, whether as entrepreneurs starting new ventures or social enterprises or those seeking to learn problem-solving skills to impact their communities or existing organizations. 

The NC State campus and surrounding community serve as our vibrant laboratory for social entrepreneurship. Faculty, staff and students from across our diverse university work hand in hand with our area’s brightest entrepreneurs. In this dynamic environment, we teach, mentor and learn from and with each together.

You get to learn by doing, and to work on projects that affect real people, today.

Headshot of Jordan Bowman

Jordan Bowman

B.S. Business Administration
Social Innovation Fellow Alumnus