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Social Innovation Fellow Pridhvi Gadiraju Selected for 2020 Miller Fellowship

We are proud to announce that recent Social Innovation Fellow graduate Pridhvi Gadiraju has been selected for the 2020 Miller Fellowship.

Awarded to newly graduated students who have proven themselves as successful entrepreneurs, we’re excited to see how Pridhvi uses the support from the fellowship to continue making a local social impact. Developing his own venture and his ongoing study of entrepreneurship will ensure he’s a great Senior Fellow for SIF this coming fall semester.

Read Pridhvi’s profile from the Miller Fellowship below and click here to see the other students selected.

Pridhvi Gadiraju | EcoDentSol | College of Sciences Alum

Pridhvi Gadiraju graduated from the College of Sciences with a degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Physiology/Neurobiology, and minors in Spanish and Business Administration. In his time at NC State, Pridhvi was involved in the entrepreneurship community by participating in Make-A-Thon and was a Social Innovation Fellow. He is currently the founder of EcoDentSol – a company dedicated to bringing sustainable materials and innovative solutions to the healthcare industry. More specifically, he is developing a machine to assist orthodontists reduce microplastic waste, lowering operating costs and eliminating unnecessary labor.